No Limeys Show Today… But EVEN BETTER – A Huge Archive Of The TEXE MARRS Power Of Prophecy Shows

I am delighted to make available to you a free archive of Texe’s Power Of Prophecy shows, that aired from August 2006 all the way up until his final show in October 2017.

This archive comprises nearly 600 one hour shows, and are provided courtesy of Remnant Radio dot org, but you will need to use the link provided in the post for this show, as they are not directly accessible from the Remnant Radio homepage.

The link to this Texe Marrs archive I am sharing, is the link to the first year, 2006. You can access all the other years, by clicking on the years 2007 to 2017, which are listed individually, at the top of the 2006 page below.

Click Here For The Texe Marrs Audio Archive

Unfortunately, the issues I addressed on Saturday’s “I’m Talking To YOU” show, have exacerbated, which means there will be no Dr. Peter Hammond show this week. However, I plan be back with you all on Saturday, God Willing!

In the meantime I hope you enjoy Texe’s archive, and bye for now

Special thanks to Tim for bringing this Texe Marrs archive to my attention and to Remnant Radio for providing it for us