ACH (2224) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #134 – I Know The Blasphemy Of Them Which Say They Are Christians, And Are Not, But Are The Synagogue Of Satan

In today’s show originally broadcast on August 28 2023, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “I Know The Blasphemy Of Them Which Say They Are Christians, And Are Not, But Are The Synagogue Of Satan.”

We discussed: the American National Radio Network audio clip we played during the show intro segment; the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ); Mallificus’ “Speed Awareness Course”; Fortean TV; “The Philip Larkin Poem Of The Week” which today was his 1960 poem “Take One Home For The Kiddies” that was originally published in his book of poetry “The Whitsun Weddings” which was released in 1964; the actors considered for the part of James Bond; “The Limeys A To Z Of Music” which this week focused on the letter “E”; the 11 minute Texe Marrs clip from his “Secrets Volume 130” program, which was originally broadcast on May 12th 2007; Monday’s Prayer On The Air; the Your Daily Shakespeare quote of the week “Our wills and fates do so contrary run, That our devices still are overthrown, Our thoughts are ours, their ends none of our own”; this week’s “People Who Failed To Join Sven Longshanks In Prison And How They Did It”; how we have no new figures since December 1 2022, of the 2,362 deaths and 474,018 people injured after taking the vaccines, from the UK Government website that used to update these; Mallificus’ news on “The Great Distraction”; the mainstream media’s promotion of AI; the toxicity of paper straws; how the Japanese Government are now releasing Fukushima’s radioactive water into the sea; the world’s most expensive car and how we are not allowed to know who is buying it; The Limeys Tard Of The Week; Mallificus’ News Round-up Of The Week; the man who spent a year naked in a room doing nothing but entering magazine competitions; and many other topics.

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Click Here For The British Government’s Page “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Adverse Reactions” THAT USED TO INCLUDE Five Analysis Prints (Pfizer; AstraZeneca; Moderna; Novavax; And Brand Unspecified) Which Claimed An Aggregate Total That 2,362 People Had Died And 474,018 People Had Been Injured After Taking The Vaccine, Based Upon MHRA (The UK’s Medicines And Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) Data, Last Released By The British Government In These Five Analysis Prints On December 1 2022

Click Here For The Daily Mail Article “EXCLUSIVE: Revealed, Just SEVENTY-FIVE Brits Have Been Killed By Covid Vaccines As Experts Hail Data As Proof Jabs Are Incredibly Safe And NOT Behind Surging Excess Deaths.” As This Article Cites MHRA Data Referenced In The British Government’s Page Above, We At The Limeys Are Delighted That 2,287 People In The UK Have Been Brought Back From The Dead, And We Hope On That Basis The 474,018 People Who Reported Having Been Injured After Taking The Vaccine, Are Healed By This Same Unknown British Entity That Can Somehow Bring Over 2,000 People Back From The Dead!

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