ACH (1860) Ryan Underwood – The Frontline Fellowship Great Commission Course

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 27 2022, Andy is joined by Ryan Underwood for a show entitled, “The Frontline Fellowship Great Commission Course.”

We discussed: Ryan’s background and his Pastoral Work in the Church; Ryan’s experiences as one of many participants in Frontline Fellowship’s 2022 Great Commission Course; how Frontline Fellowship stands at the frontline of missions worldwide; the over 950,000 Bibles and Christian Books that Frontline Fellowship has smuggled into Sudan; why P.W. Botha was one of the finest Presidents South Africa ever had; how many point out the problems in the world today but few point out the solutions; how in the last few years we have seen the de-Christianization of much of the world, but we have also seen many Christian Nations rising out of the ashes of Communism; Ryan’s recommended Bible translations; and many other topics.

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