ACH (1777) Mark R. Elsis – Celebrating 25 Years Online

In today’s show originally broadcast exclusively on on May 3, 2022, Andy is joined by Mark R. Elsis, for a show entitled, “Celebrating 25 Years Online,” on the 25th anniversary of Mark’s website, which was launched on Saturday May 3, 1997.

We discussed: Mark’s over 1,000 websites; Mark’s documentary “Strawberry Fields – Keeping The Spirit Of John Lennon Alive”; Mark’s near death experiences; the two saddest events in Mark’s life; Cardinal Spellman’s hypocritical support of the Vietnam War; how Mark never lost his faith but lost his faith in the political machinations of the Catholic Church; Mark’s childhood realization that he was living in a violent insane asylum; when Mark met Bobby Kennedy; why John Lennon was assassinated; the John Lennon vigil that Mark was a part of, which took place outside the New York City Dakota Building where John had been shot only hours before; what happened when Mark spoke to Michael Jackson for an hour and the outcome of this; some of the famous people Mark has spoken to in his New York City taxicab over the years; Mark’s involvement in the Jerry Brown Presidential Campaign in 1992; and many other topics.

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