ACH (1588) Stefan Verstappen – We Are All Going To Be Disappearing Soon…

In today’s show originally broadcast on August 25 2021, Andy is joined by Stefan Verstappen for a show entitled, “We Are All Going To Be Disappearing Soon…”

We discussed: Stefan’s background as an artist, musician, martial artist, and outdoor survivalist; how we are living in an age of constant lies and deception; the secret to living a long life; the global democide program; the importance of giving up time to help a person who lives alone; why most people feel threatened by people like YOU who know the truth; how Stefan’s Check-In-Club works and how YOU can make it work; how scheming and cunning the powers that should not be are; why whenever the Communists take over they consistently murder the Intelligentsia first; the importance of a phone call over an email; and many other topics.

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