ACH (1554) Nick Griffin – Deus Vult II – The Great Reset Resistance – Part 1

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 8 2021, Andy is joined by Nick Griffin for a show entitled, “Deus Vult II – The Great Reset Resistance: Part 1.”

We discussed: the overview of, “Deus Vult The Great Reset Resistance,” which is part 2 of the Deus Vult trilogy; Klaus Schwab’s book, “Covid 19 – The Great Reset,” the dystopian plan of the World Economic Forum; why we need to be careful of outlandish conspiracy theories; the similarity between “QAnon,” and, “Operation Trust,” which was run by the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union; how the State has outsourced its totalitarian regime to private companies; the Great Reset’s plan to do detailed brain scans on people in order to determine if they are a security risk; the Elites’ blasphemous was against God; and many other topics.

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