ACH (1532) Mark Dankof – The Dankof Report #10 – Tales From Our Lives In George Orwell’s 1984…

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 8 2021, Andy presents “The Dankof Report” with his co-host Mark Dankof for a show entitled, “Tales From Our Lives In George Orwell’s 1984…”

On today’s show we presented: The Dankof Report; Andy’s Mysterious News Of The Month; and many other topics.

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The posh London address 4,000 firms call home: But it’s not their real office, they pay £24 a month for a forwarding service – and it’s a scammers paradise

Forget big feet! Men with large NOSES tend to have bigger penises, study reveals

I’m outta here! Speedy monitor lizard gives rescuers the runaround as they try to remove the 4ft reptile from a house in Thailand

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Mate, that’s not de-activated, it’s live!’ Terrified families are evacuated from their homes as Army sets up 50-metre cordon after metal detectorist tries to sell a LIVE WWII German bomb on eBay

Anglo-Saxon coin collector’s unparalleled treasure trove of 576 items sells for £856,000 – including world-record £40,800 for 7th-century King Eadbald gold shilling

MOBY DICK Loch Ness Monster sightings could be ‘whales penises’ sticking out of water claim boffins

Two people lucky to be alive after being attacked with battery-powered chainsaw

Tanning injection addict who ‘identifies as black’ and has 32T breasts says she’ll ‘pump’ them until they’re as ‘big as the Titanic’ in the hopes of having the largest in the world

VERY clever dog! Border Collie called Bear knows all his 52 toys by name and fetches them on command