ACH (1500) Eric Gajewski – The TRADCATKNIGHT & ACH Show #8 – DON’T Trust The Plan!

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 23 2021, Andy co-hosts, “The TRADCATKNIGHT & ACH Show,” with Eric Gajewski, for a show entitled, “DON’T Trust The Plan!”

We discussed: how the vaccines could turn you into an antenna for the Anti-Christ; the CDC’s official page warning of a zombie apocalypse; the Vatican’s demonic conference coming up in May; how British director Danny Boyle directed both the zombie apocalypse movie “28 Days Later” and the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony; Jizkiahu Ben David who some are proclaiming as the new Jewish Messiah; the vaccine passports and ID2020; the movie “Songbird” which depicts life under COVID-23; why you need to keep your eye on Russia and the Kiev region in particular; why the US and UK population could suffer the biggest reduction as per the Deagel.Com figures; and many other topics.

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