ACH (1426) Nick Griffin – If You Liked 2020 You’ll Love 2021 – Part 2

In today’s show originally broadcast on January 11 2021, Andy is joined by Nick Griffin for a show entitled, “If You Liked 2020 You’ll Love 2021 – Part 2.”

We discussed: how the lockdown restrictions they have planned for us this year will dwarf anything they rolled out last year; the dangers of wearing face masks; the online symposium about “The Great Reset” that is planned for later this month; why the economic damage done to us this year will be irreversible for decades; the coming Universal Basic Income that will only be available to people who comply with their government; why the supply chain will be disrupted regardless of whether this was intended or not; how in every revolution the revolutionaries always end up falling out over how they divide up the spoils; how to best conduct yourself if you are stopped by the police; why there won’t be any Black Lives Matter riots in the USA this year; the clampdown on social media; the coming reparations for Black People in America and how this will be achieved; the click-bait grifters making money out of false hope; why the storming of the Capitol Building last week will be touted as America’s Reichstag Fire; how the Daily Mail is telling people not to bother with Vitamin C; how to defund the BBC; and many other topics.

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