ACH (1252) Paul English – Plandemic, Vaxxed, And HR 6666

In today’s show originally broadcast on May 12 2020, Andy is joined by Paul English for a show entitled, “Plandemic, Vaxxed, And HR 6666.”

We discussed: why Sweden chose not to lock down the country; the absence of graffiti in Belarus; the second and final part of our Dystopian Film Review; John Lennon and the Peace Movement; The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs; the take Joe Imbriano of The Fullerton Informer has on the various doctors speaking out in relation to the Coronavirus; the Plandemic and Vaxxed documentaries; why it sounds like Boris Johnson has been listening to Jeff Rense; various interpretations of the H.R. 6666 Bill; and many other topics.

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