May 1 2018 – Guest Appearance On The David Duke Show

May 1 2018 – Guest Appearance On The David Duke Show

On May 1 2018, I appeared on The David Duke Show for a program entitled, “Dr. Duke & Andy Hitchcock Expose Netanyahu’s Lies On Iran – Like Iraq, It’s Deja-Jew All Over Again!”

We discussed: how Netanyahu’s recent demonization of Iran is no different than his racial brethren neo-cons demonization of Iraq, the purpose being the same, to get more White people to fight and die for the Jewish Oded-Yinon plan for a Greater Israel; how Israel complains about other nations allegedly having nuclear weapons, yet never reveals Israel’s nuclear stockpile; how the Israeli Mordechai Vanunu blew the whistle on Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal and was jailed for 18 years for doing so; the Samson Option which incidentally is Israel’s plan to nuke White countries, if we ever have the temerity to resist our Jewish controllers; and many other topics.

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