The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (636) Dr. Adrian Krieg – Almost Live With Adrian And Andy #25 – Happy St. George’s Day!

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 23 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock co-hosts, “Almost Live With Adrian And Andy,” with Dr. Adrian Krieg of A2Z Publications.

We discussed: how the Jewish Israeli media tend to reveal more than the Jewish Western media; how Mark Meechan who trained his girlfriend’s dog to do Nazi salutes and posted a video of this to YouTube, has been fined £800 in the UK today; how Jacob Schiff (a Jewish financier) financed the Antifa movement in Weimar Germany, and how George Soros (another Jewish financier) finances the current Antifa movement throughout the world today; how multiculturalism has been designed to create conflict within the societies in which it is implemented; how the internet is being wiped clean of information the usual suspects don’t like as we speak; how Wikipedia blacklists people they don’t like; was Barbara Bush the daughter of Aleister Crowley; the Order of Skull and Bones; how 8 homosexual Democrats are trying to pass a bill in California that would ban the Bible on the grounds of hate speech; and many other topics.

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