March 26 2018 – Guest Appearance On The David Duke Show

March 26 2018 – Guest Appearance On The David Duke Show

On March 26 2018, I appeared on The David Duke Show for a program entitled, “Dr. Duke & Andy Hitchcock Honor A Great Black Man, Marcus Garvey, Who Was Persecuted By Jewish Zionists Because His Proposals Would Be Good For Blacks & Whites.”

We discussed: the late, great, Dr. James P. Wickstrom who both Dr. Duke and Andy paid tribute to; how Marcus Garvey’s attempts to liberate the Blacks was stifled by Jews, and how Garvey was persecuted by a Jewish judge; Dr. Duke’s television appearance in 1975 in which he revealed the Jewish domination of the slave trade, that another Jewish judge tried to censor; how the Jew, Leo Frank (who Andy incorrectly referred to on the show as Jacob Frank – sorry folks!), raped and murdered a 13 year old Irish girl, Mary Phagan, and how the backlash the Jews received as a result of this murdering pedophile Jew resulted in the formation of the ADL; and many other topics.

This show is dedicated to the late, great, Dr. James P. Wickstrom.

Rest In Peace My Friend

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