December 18 2017 – Guest Appearance On The David Duke Show

December 18 2017 – Guest Appearance On The David Duke Show

On December 18 2017, I appeared on The David Duke Show for a program entitled, “Dr. Duke & Andy Hitchcock Of The UK On The Zio War On Christmas – The Ancient Celebration Of Solstice & Their War On Trump. Also The Sackler Opiate War On White Working People”

We discussed: how and when different White Nations celebrate Christmas; how the Jews constantly try to censor Christmas, and refer to our White Christian celebration in erroneous terms such as, Happy Holidays; how whilst President Donald Trump has not done everything he promised, the only reason Trump is being continually attacked by the Democrat/Liberal/Antifa left (all of which are the same group), is a smokescreen because what they are actually doing is attacking the decent moral White people who voted for his policies; how the Jewish Sackler family are not the first Jewish family to hook a population on drugs, indeed the Jewish Sassoon family managed it two centuries ago in China; and many other topics.

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