Coming Up On The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show Monday September 18 To Friday September 22 – Rae West / Paul Angel / Jim Rizoli / The EFR Pastors / Dr. David Duke

Coming Up On The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show Monday September 18 To Friday September 22 – Rae West / Paul Angel / Jim Rizoli / The EFR Pastors / Dr. David Duke

10am-11am US et : 3pm-4pm UK Monday to Friday

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Rae West – Big-Lies.Org – Part 2

On today’s show I was joined by Rae West to continue our discussion on some of the topics he features on his website, “Big-Lies.Org.”

We discussed: the incident at Charlottesville along with its aftermath; the BBC’s censorship of Nesta Webster’s work; World War 2; and many other topics featured on his website.

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Paul Angel – Introducing The Barnes Review’s September/October 2017 Special Edition (76 Minute Special)

On today’s show I was joined by Paul Angel to discuss articles from the July/August edition of, “The Barnes Review,” that I was unable to interview the contributors on.

These are:

Anti-Semitism in the Revolution By Robert Grooms;

The Forgotten Citadels of South America By Philip Rife;

Aryan Origins And The Black Sea Flood By Patrick Chouinard;

World War I Hollywood: The Golden Age Of Hate By Marc Roland;

Was Ernst Röhm A Real Threat? By Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson;

Cuban Confederates Fight For The South By Ronald L. Ray; and

Pedophobia & Child Abuse Cults: Are They Still In Business? By John Tiffany.

Paul then gave details of the September/October Special Edition, “Defending Dixie,” issue of, “The Barnes Review,” which is a bumper 112 pages, and is book-bound as opposed to staple-bound.

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Jim Rizoli – The Synagogue Of Satan Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored

On today’s show, Jim Rizoli guest hosted, to interview me on my book, “The Synagogue Of Satan Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored.”

We discussed many different aspects of the book, starting off with the fact it was banned by the publisher, some 25 minutes before we recorded this show.

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The EFR Pastors – Identifying The Beast..(72 Minute Special)

On today’s show I was joined by Pastor Eli and Pastor Steve to discuss an email I received regarding, “the beast,” in scripture.

The verses we discussed from the email are below:

Was Joel speaking of a “beast” or field hand in Joel 2:22?

What kind of a beast do you know that wears clothing (sack-cloth) as we read in Jonah 3:8?

What kind of a beast has hands, as reported in Exodus 19:13?

What type of beast is capable of mixing or “sowing,” his seed with the “seed of Adam,” as described in Jeremiah 31:27?

What kind of a male beast could a woman lust after and, “lie down thereto,” and cause God to have them executed in righteous judgment? Leviticus 20:16

What kind of a female beast could a man lust after and cause a penalty of death to be decreed by God? Leviticus 20:15

What kind of beast would have the ability to, “keep the vineyard,” as we find in the Song of Solomon, Chapter 1?

What kind of a beast, “cries mightily unto God,” in Jonah 3:8-10?

What kind of a beast would have, “eyes full of adultery,” as recorded in 2 Peter 2:12-14?

What kind of beast loves to riot in the daytime? 2 Peter 2:12-14

What kind of a beast can talk or speak? 2 Peter 2:12

What kind of a beast was made to be taken and destroyed? 2 Peter 2:12

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Dr. David Duke – My Awakening

On today’s show I was joined by Dr. David Duke to discuss his seminal book, “My Awakening.”

We discussed: the simple fact that every race of people on the planet has the right to protect their culture, heritage, rights, and traditions; the ongoing war against Ethnic Europeans; how Jews restrict immigration into Israel, yet Jewish groups do not consider it hypocritical when they continually promote immigration into White nations; Jewish organizations that advocate Jews marrying Jews, and the inevitable outcry that would ensue if there were such a group that advocated Whites marrying Whites; the genesis and synopsis of Dr. Duke’s seminal book, “My Awakening,”; how the liberals are the real racists as they promote race-mixing designed to meld all races into one, thus destroying the uniqueness of individual races; and many other topics.

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