A Demonstration Of Yahweh’s Love For His Children And How You Can Help One Of Them: Laurence Burns

A Demonstration Of Yahweh’s Love For His Children And How You Can Help One Of Them: Laurence Burns

Earlier today I had a surgical procedure in which I went under general anesthetic (I was put to sleep), in order to insert t-tubes in both of my ears to improve my hearing. I have been worried about this for months in case the usual suspects decided to take this opportunity to use the procedure as an opportunity to either deafen me, or ensure I never woke up from the anesthetic altogether. My surgeon turned out to be an Italian, a ruddy Lombard Italian, I hasten to add, and he inspected my ears beforehand.

I actually had a t-tube in my right ear from previous surgery which he said appeared to be functioning perfectly. On that basis he advised he would look at it during the procedure, if that was okay he would leave the right ear alone, and concentrate on the left ear, which was hearing at half the capacity of the right. Anyway that is what he did. The right ear was fine, and he managed to insert a t-tube into the left ear, something three previous surgeons have failed to do because as the ear canal was so narrow (due to my cleft palate), they were worried that attempting to insert the t-tube would fail and could permanently damage the hearing in my left ear.

Anyway whilst my left ear and my throat (from the breathing tube they inserted during surgery), are a bit sore, my hearing in the left is vastly improved, and almost on a par with my right ear.

After that long-winded introduction, I move onto our Heavenly Father.

Every night before I go to bed I pray. I only pray that single daily prayer before I go to sleep each day. I start by thanking Yahweh for my day. I pray for my protection, I pray for the protection of all my friends (which includes all of you wonderful people reading this that I may never meet in this life, who support my work) and my family, I pray for the forgiveness of all my sins, I pray for Yahweh to ensure I wake up healthy and strong the following day so I can continue His work, and above all else I pray for Yahweh to come back soon as we as a race are being destroyed.

Last night I added a sixth request to my regular prayer, I prayed for Yahweh to help me get through this operation. However in my hurry to get to the hospital on foot this morning for my 730AM check-in time, I forgot to pray to Yahweh again to ask him to help me get through this operation which I was so worried about. When I checked into the hospital I was so overcome by noise from lots of talkative nurses and other patients, that I didn’t have the chance to pray to Yahweh in a quiet environment until I went to the bathroom just before 11AM, once I discovered I was last in the list to be operated upon.

Standing there in my hospital gown, a voice told me, “you don’t need to pray again.”

A few minutes later I was taken to the theater room, laid down on a gurney, and put to sleep.

I woke up about an hour later, and clicked my fingers next to my ears to ensure I could still hear out both of them. I could, and the sound from my left ear felt very loud, due to the under-performing 50% hearing function I have become accustomed to in the past few years.

I went home, I uploaded today’s show for my listeners to download, which I did whilst listening to yesterday’s, “Fake News Now,” on EuroFolkRadio with Paul English and Pastor Eli James, through the speaker on my phone as my left ear felt too sore for me to use my headphones as I usually do.

For some reason, I suddenly felt compelled to pray to Yahweh at that very moment, some hours before I planned to go to bed, which as I said before is when I regularly pray.

I knelt by my bed, and recited my usual prayer, after I had thanked Yahweh for making my operation a success. I also apologized to Yahweh for worrying I could be harmed by this medical procedure, which let’s face it meant I had the temerity to doubt Yahweh!

I then walked back to my computer in the lounge, but was drawn back to my initial prayer, as I had a feeling I had something yet to say.

I went back into my bedroom and did not kneel because I had no time, as I literally cried out my prayer to Yahweh to help our racial brother, Laurence Burns, cope with his tyrannical incarceration at the hands of the UK government.

As tears were running down my cheeks and my voice was breaking, I asked Yahweh to protect this 26 year old Brother of mine, this servant of both Yahweh and of truth, this martyr to the cause of free speech, this prisoner of war in the fight against our true enemy, this young man barely out of his childhood – who has sacrificed the best years of his life to fight for us.

I pray in the same manner as I conduct my radio shows. I try not to get carried away by the emotive nature of the subject matter, and simply present the facts as they are.

The fact this is the first time I ever broke down into tears during prayer (a rushed unplanned prayer I prayed on my feet instead of on my knees), may be something I should be ashamed of or something I should be proud of.

Right now, I’m not sure.

However this is the immediate aftermath of my despair.

As I put my headphones on whilst I was wiping my eyes, I forgot I was listening to yesterday’s, “Fake News Now,” and once I plugged the headphones back in Paul was alluding to the fact that, “libtards,” need to be taken away in buses to form their own communities in which they can live in harmony with one another, at which point Pastor Eli said, “Michael Moore would need a bus of his own!”

My tears immediately turned to laughter and I felt the warmth of Yahweh flow through my body.

Yahweh not only took my pain away, he replaced it with laughter in an instant.

Despite my erroneous lack of faith in Yahweh due to the worry I had about my surgical operation, Yahweh forgave that by showing his true love for me, something I guess I should cry about with joy again now, but instead I have felt directed to take the last couple of hours it has taken me in writing this message, to point out the crucial subject in what I have alluded to you above:

Whilst Laurence Burns is losing the best years of his life inside a jail cell, I was worried about an surgical operation!?!?

This is why I pray for forgiveness of my sins every night, as whilst I was self-servingly worrying about unlikely potential consequences of a medical procedure, Laurence cannot even freely associate with his family and friends for the next four years as a minimum! Furthermore, from what I have read in the articles about Laurence’s sentencing and subsequent incarceration, none of the groups he is alleged to have upset have complained about his comments, quite simply the UK government have decided to persecute him on their behalf via the complicity of the judiciary, jailing him for 4 years on the basis of his opinions, indeed Laurence has committed no acts of violence whatsoever.

Here are the contents of a letter Laurence wrote to a mutual friend, Barbara Ann Nowak, who I applaud for her efforts in writing to him:

Dear Barbara,

Thanks for your letter and your support.

Today, I was given four years for my views. The judge, who told lie after lie and completely discarded the law (which I didn’t actually break) told me as he sentenced me, that “our society prides itself on its democracy and free speech. However, when one’s speech is challenging, offensive or unsuitable it crosses the line.” Bascially, what he said is that this is a country that is tolerant of people’s opinions and if you disagree with that and don’t believe it, they’ll throw you in jail.

I’m likely to spend much longer than four years inside. And it is highly likely that I may never be released. As I have been made a subject to an order that to cut it short, basically says that I must give up my views, and adopt those of the state, or I’ll be denied parole, even after my sentence is over and if and when I get out, if I fail to comply with this order, I will be recalled to prison. So if I so much as look on a politically incorrect website, read a politcally incorrect book, or they aren’t convinced I’ve changed my views, I’ll be sent back to prison. This is how bad it in in this country. It’s a tyranny that makes Orwell’s “1984” look like a utopia!

When the judge sentenced me, I called him a dishonest, corrupt liar and said “Fuck you” to him, as well as telling him to give me more than four years, “Do your fuckin’ worst! You won’t change my views!”

Regarding my views, the mainstream news sources will make me out to be some unreasonable, genocidal hater, which is not true at all. I am a nationalist. I believe all nations should be preserved and go their own ways. And I’m fighting for my people. I am continuing the tradition of all my ancestors who gave their lives that Britain might live. In fact, this patriotism is probably the oldest tradition known to man, to all people. I am also a devout Christian and follower of God and His laws on the side of good vs evil, God vs satan, Truth vs untruth, and my faith gives me much strength, which is why, despite all the persecution I am subjected to, I will never break and submit and apologize to this satantic government, that engages in the worst forms of evil imaginable.

I have always said that I would die or spend the rest of my life in prison for my views, and if any of my views are wrong, being an open-minded man, they will evolve by themselves, but no one will ever intimidate me into changing my views. If I hold something to be true, I will defend it to the death. It’s God’s will that I am here. He is putting my principles and faith to the test, so I have done no wrong, from either a legal or a moral standpoint. I am innocent in God’s eyes, and that’s all that matters to me, even if I must spend the rest of my life in prison.

The judge seemed to feel real proud of himself for what he done to me. He claimed that I would “take away the rights of those who don’t agree with me” (Exactly what he did to me) and that I was driven by hate. He couldn’t be any further from the Truth, as a Christian and a nationalist I am driven by love, and the desire to make my country and indeed the world a better, more ordered, more moral place. I even prayed for the judge, that God would forgive him for his dishonesty, and guide him along a better and more honest path while he sits and smirks and feels proud of himself for jailing a political heretic.

Anyway, I wish you good luck writing your autobiography and once it’s finished if you would send me a copy, I’ll read it and let you know what I think. Books can be sent in without a property log number. All the sender has to do is write my name and prison number and address, which I put at the beginning of my letter and the sender’s details on the back of the parcel. Don’t write the “RX005/17” as this is my old and invalid log number, which will mean I won’t get the parcel. I can relate to you growing up in poverty too, as I myself had a terrible childhood, (though I don’t reflect on it as I’m a future-oriented man.)

Kind Regards and God Bless,

Laurence Burns

Here is the actual image of that letter

Here Is Laurence’s Address In Prison, Where You Can Contact Him:

Laurence Burns
HMP Peterborough

I want to conclude this article by asking you the reader, the following questions:

1) Do you just want to read and/or post this article and move on to the next one in your inbox, or do you want to actually help Laurence? If you just want to read and/or post this article, please stop reading here.

2) For those of you who have chosen to read on, I thank you as there are a variety of things you can do, as follows.

3) You can write to Laurence at the address above. If you wish to send him a gift or money (which would need to be in UK £ (Pounds) – money is probably better as some gifts may be prohibited under prison regulations), please ensure that you write in your accompanying letter exactly what gift or money you are enclosing, so if there are any dishonest employees in the UK Prison Service, they are less emboldened to steal what you have sent, as you have documented your contents in the letter.

4) If you are in the UK you can petition the British government to review Laurence’s case, or indeed how about asking them to remove all so-called hate speech laws!

What the hell is, “hate-speech,”anyway?

We either have free speech or we do not, there are no caveats for that.

Indeed being born with a hare lip and cleft palate, which has caused me to be verbally abused in both my personal and professional life, I have never ever considered the people who meted out that abuse to deserve jail! Furthermore my condition puts me into a far smaller so-called minority than any of those in which Laurence has been jailed for allegedly defaming!

UK Government and Parliament Start A Petition Page

5) The only UK online publication to have covered Laurence’s plight, was the Cambridge News, a local newspaper I had never heard of up to now.

The Sole Article On The Persecution Of Laurence Burns

The mainstream British newspapers: The Times; The Telegraph; The Guardian; The Independent; The Sun; The Mirror; Daily Mail; Daily Express; Daily Star, etc, all have comments sections. If you look these websites up on your preferred browser I imagine you will get the opportunity to strategically comment on Laurence’s plight in some of their articles.

6) Finally, for those of you outside the UK who wish to go down the petition route regarding Laurence’s minimum 4 year incarceration for expressing opinions, you could set up a petition on change.org

Start A Petition On Change.Org

I have written books and recorded radio shows in defense of our heritage which we all know is under attack.

Indeed I produced and recorded a radio series which I honor great men of our race who have gone before, in my Absent Friends series, these included: Adolf Hitler; Archibald Maule Ramsay; Arnold Leese; Charles E. Coughlin; Eustace Mullins; George Lincoln Rockwell; George Sydenham Clarke; Henry Ford And William Cameron; J.B. Pranaitis; John Beaty; John Tyndall; Karl G. Sabier; Major General Smedley Butler; Nord Davis Jr.; Telemachus Thomas Timayenis; and William Joyce.

Click Here For My, “Absent Friends,” Radio Series

In conclusion, I will remind you that Kevin Crehan who was jailed in the UK for leaving bacon sandwiches outside a mosque, as a political statement regarding the increasing Islamification of England, was found dead in his cell in December 2016.

The authorities have still refused to inform the public of his cause of death – I wonder why?

Click Here For An Article On Kevin Crehan’s Unexplained Death

On that basis I ask you with humility, to please help Laurence Burns (as the cut on the bridge of his nose and forehead can hardly be the result of a shaving accident!) in whatever way you see fit as a matter of extreme urgency, so my next post on this political prisoner and martyr of the White Race, is not his obituary.

Special thanks to: Barbara Ann Nowak; Jez Turner; and Jim Overstreet.

Dedicated to Laurence Burns.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

March 22, 2017

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