Victor Thorn – Rest In Peace

Victor Thorn – Rest In Peace

It is with tremendous regret that I inform you the committed Truthseeker and venerable patriot Victor Thorn, a prolific writer of over 50 books, died today on his 54th birthday.

It is my understanding that Victor took his own life.

Click Here For The American Free Press Article On Victor’s Passing

Telling the truth has never been an easy prospect, I myself have been scorned by friends and even family members.

I imagine many of you reading this now have suffered a similar response to your beliefs.

I encourage all of you who may be feeling depressed to reach out to other Truthseekers. Our path can be a lonely one, and we must not be embarrassed to reach out to our friends all around the world who are fighting the same fight. These people may be people you only communicate with via chatrooms and you may have never met them, but if they are true to their beliefs they will help you nonetheless.  Also I ask you all to be mindful of one another, and go out of your way to help a Truthseeking Brother or Sister who you feel to be in need.

I recorded two shows with Victor, and I have put them up for posterity below. As you will hear, he was a kind and gracious man, and despite my mumbling and stuttering due to my nervousness in our first show, he gave me encouragement throughout, because that is the kind of man Victor was.

Victor Thorn – One of the heroes of our race who have gone before.

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