The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (128) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – Matt’s Bio

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (128) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – Matt’s Bio

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson is Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s guest today, giving us some insight into his background and how he came to be the host of The Orthodox Nationalist, first for Voice of Reason and now for Radio Aryan.

He was raised in Clark, New Jersey, a town divided almost entirely between Italians and Jews and Matt was part of one of the few Irish families there. Due to his reading ability he went to a school for gifted children and subsequently went on to study at universities in Connecticut, Missouri, and Nebraska, where he attained his doctorate. Whilst in Nebraska he joined the Ukrainian church and associated with much of the Ukrainian society there, learning to read the language fluently.

From January 1995 through to November 1997 Matt did nothing but read. He rarely slept and survived on copious amounts of caffeine, losing 40 pounds in weight during his self- imposed dedicated regime of learning. The whole purpose of this was to discover religious truth. He read everything from Christ to roughly 300 AD, he refused to stop until he had come to the truth. This is the process by which he converted to the Orthodox church. Matt believes that in order to find your true vocation in life, you must ask yourself if you are prepared to live in poverty for it and even to die for it.

While he was teaching at the University of Nebraska in 1999 he was contacted by Willis Carto who offered him the position of Editor at The Barnes Review after he was recommended to Carto by Michael Collins Piper. Although Carto was not a scholar of history, he was a very good financier and organiser and he also had a nose for finding scholarly talent that he utilised in his various publications. Carto was made bankrupt in 2005 and Matt went back to teaching as a professor, before eventually became a priest in the Greek Orthodox Church back in 2006 and unceremoniously losing his job in 2008.

He stopped his podcast in 2014 (although he still continued to write and publish material) while going through a messy divorce which he says almost killed him, but has recently been encouraged to come back to his writing and broadcasting career, by Matthew Heimbach of “The Daily Traditionalist” and Paul Angel of “The Barnes Review” a publication he is now the Senior Researcher for. He also works as a freelance translator and legal researcher.

The style he uses in his shows for Radio Aryan is similar to the one he adopted when presenting lectures to his students. The Orthodox Nationalist was originally based upon some of these lectures and it proved to be a huge hit when on the Voice of Reason broadcasting network and the new series for Radio Aryan continues exactly where the last one left off.

Matt also talks about some of the main problems which we face in our communities, particularly the destructive nature of alcohol as both his parents had suffered from alcoholism. He also brings up the problems caused by another dangerous drug – pornography and the Jews that are behind it. He suggests listeners look at a group called the “Pink Cross” which was set up by a former porn actress, when people see the hardships faced by young people coerced into that profession, they will never want to look at porn again.

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