The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (123) Mike Walsh – My First Days In 10 Downing Street

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (123) Mike Walsh – My First Days In 10 Downing Street

Mike Walsh

On this week’s show Andrew was joined by Michael Walsh McLaughlin the legendary British Nationalist and award-winning writer, to discuss what action he would take in his first days if he was Prime Minister.

ACH asks Mike to take the listeners through the policies he would implement if he were in number 10 and he starts off with finance and the economy. Mike would ensure at least one bank would be nationalised and operating independently of privately owned banks, financial houses and other interests. Such a bank would be accountable to the elected assembly’s relevant body.

On the subject of government Mike and ACH discuss Mike’s proposal that there is no place for political rivalry in a nation’s governing system as legislators will always be obliged to choose between political and national interests, when the purpose of government is to serve the national interest not those of their political party.

Political parties are as irrelevant to governance as they are to matters concerning the Church or organisations of a religious nature. The infusion of any political interest into the world of business and economy are anathema.

ACH asks if Mike would propose a constitution such as one on the American model that no party can tamper with and Mike confirms that this is the type of government he is proposing.

ACH and Mike also discuss how the liberal policies of the British government have resulted in the rights of the indigenous White population being reduced to below that of the immigrants, due to carefully crafted “hate crimes” legislation. Mike would tackle this by only offering full citizenship to ethnic indigenous citizens of the British Isles and Northern Ireland with limited citizenship to others. He would also cut all forms of welfare for non-Whites as this will encourage a process of reverse immigration.

He then reveals that ships seized from the National Socialist regime in 1945 by the British were used to bring black immigrants into Britain from the West Indies!

Moving onto the subject of land ownership, Mike says the fact that 85% of Scotland is owned by foreign investors is a travesty and on the subject of the media, that it is a known fact that a job application for the BBC is designed for the purpose of assessing your political affiliation, as the BBC will only employ those of a liberal left-wing background. Staying on the subject of employment,

Mike also explains that in the 1930’s Germany had a Germans First policy, which he would adopt in the case of British indigenous people being the first to be considered for employment, the reverse of what we have at the present.

Finally to round the podcast off, Mike reassures us that we will win this fight and that we must never give up hope.

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