The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (118) Grandpa Lampshade – All Out Discussion

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (118) Grandpa Lampshade – All Out Discussion

Grandpa Lampshade

On today’s show Andy interviews Grandpa Lampshade who hosts the popular, “Thoughts Of The Day,” Frog-Cast on Radio Aryan.

Grandpa went into his background being from Texas and how his political affiliation went back to Reagan type conservatism. He then noticed how the Republican Party post-Reagan morphed into a new politically correct entity which excluded previous Republican stalwarts like Pat Buchanan.

Grandpa’s wake up call was 9/11 when he saw from the outset the official version of what happened that day was a complete fallacy. He found himself drawn to the 9/11 truth movement and subsequently followed Ron Paul for a while.

Grandpa then states, “It takes more than a Libertarian live and let live attitude to accomplish anything.” Too True!

Grandpa then started checking out the Daily Stormer website and Andy stated, “What the Daily Stormer are doing makes other alternative news websites look like they’ve been asleep for the last 10 years!”

Grandpa then saw Dennis Wise’s excellent documentary, “The Greatest Story Never Told,” and started speaking to Radio Aryan’s program director, Sven Longshanks, on what was then Radio Stormer chat and is now Radio Aryan chat. Sven subsequently offered Grandpa a show and he has been producing weekly shows ever since.

Andy pointed out the main achievement of the Daily Stormer audience as being largely made up of our youth, they have successfully overcome the child abuse they have been subjected to – that abuse being the politically-correct education they have been subjected to by the Jewish liberal elite.

Grandpa said the main problem facing the White Race today is the Jews. Jews organise subversive groups against us such as, “Black Lives Matter,” this is indicative in the fact that Blacks cannot organise anything as their societies and neighbourhoods reveal. Grandpa expressed his frustration that so-called conservatives simply cannot understand that the Jews are behind the immigration and promotion of homosexuality agendas, these so-called conservatives just stick on an, “I’m With Israel,” badge and think everything will be just dandy.

Grandpa talked through his experiences with Twitter and how to build an effective account to promote the Alt-Right message and counteract the Anti-Fa/Leftist message. He believes everyone in the Alt-Right should be doing something as sitting around and just complaining achieves nothing.

Andy asked about Facebook and Grandpa said that was so Jewed you can’t getting anything out on there without facing warnings or bans. He said the reason the Alt-Right is always suffering persecution by Jews is that our message is based on the truth and theirs is based on lies so they could never beat us in a fair and open debate.

Andy and Grandpa have both read the Ford Translation of Mein Kampf and recommend this as the best version out there. Grandpa mentioned that once you read that book you can see how our opponents are using the same playbook today as they did back then when Hitler wrote this in the 1920’s.

Andy pointed out that the listeners need to be mindful of what they post on twitter with regard to the laws in the country they reside. He pointed out how Joshua Bonehill posted a Daily Stormer style tweet/meme in the UK and was jailed for three and a half years for this.

Moving onto the homosexual agenda, Grandpa pointed out how the gays specifically target people who do not accept them in order to force everyone to accept the homosexual agenda. For example trying to get a Christian to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, or trying to get married in a state that does not condone gay marriage.

In conclusion Grandpa said we first need to expose the holohoax and then 9/11. He said the only beneficiaries of the 9/11 attacks were Israel and the Jews. Indeed all the wars fought since then have been financed with money borrowed from the Federal Reserve Bank that the Jews also control.

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