Coming Up Monday July 4 To Friday July 8 – Scottie Spencer / Colin Flaherty / David Baillie / Dr. Lorraine Day / Sven Longshanks

Coming Up Monday July 4 To Friday July 8 – Scottie Spencer / Colin Flaherty / David Baillie / Dr. Lorraine Day / Sven Longshanks

10am-11am US et : 3pm-4pm UK Monday to Friday

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Scottie Spencer – My First Days In The White House

Scottie Spencer

Scottie Spencer from joins me to discuss what he would do during his first days as President. Like me, Scottie has read Michael Collins Piper’s book, “My First Days In The White House,” which this show is based on, which also took this show into different directions.

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Colin Flaherty – White Girl Bleed A Lot

Colin Flaherty

Colin Flaherty is an investigative journalist who reports on the rising tide of black on white crime – a subject largely unreported in the mainstream media. In this show we discuss his book, “White Girl Bleed A Lot,” and the media’s unwillingness to report on black on white crime.

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David Baillie – David’s Bio And Real History

David Baillie

A couple of years ago David had a show called, “Alba Voce,” on the now defunct, “American Nationalist Network,” on which I was a guest. On today’s show we discuss that network and his views on what is going on in the world today.

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Dr. Lorraine Day – The Population Extermination Program – Part 3

Dr Lorraine Day

Today we conclude our series on, “The Population Extermination Program,” for which Dr. Day has prepared an agenda proving a population extermination program that is currently underway and has been targeting us for decades. Dr. Day goes into the elite’s following methods of population extermination, “Cap and Trade, Famines by design, Promotion of massive increases in flesh food, Wars, U.S. government instigates disease pandemics, Promotion of homosexuality, Hospices, Infanticide, Legal assisted suicide and euthanasia, GMOs and Roundup.”

Please check out Dr. Day’s two excellent websites below.

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Sven Longshanks – Radio Aryan

Sven Longshanks

I have been enjoying shows on Radio Aryan for a while now, so it was a pleasure to be joined by its’ founder, Sven, who gave us his bio and the bio of Radio Aryan. We also discussed Sven’s view on the main threats we in the UK and the White Race as a whole face today, and his view on how we can best resist those threats.

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