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Bernie Davids – The Rockwell Report & The Hutschnecker Report

On today’s show I was joined by Bernie Davids to discuss two topics, “The Rockwell Report and The Hutschnecker Report.”

We discussed: sections of a copy of The Rockwell Report (Issue Number 7 originally published on 15 January 1962); the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell; why the Jews need to control the media; The Hutschnecker Report; and many other topics.


Dr. Eric Karlstrom – The Links Between 9/11 And Gangstalking

On today’s show I was joined by Dr. Eric Karlstrom to discuss, “The Links Between 9/11 And Gangstalking.”

We discussed: the Jewish involvement in 9/11; the hundreds of Israelis Michael Chertoff sent back to Israel after the attacks, without being questioned; the destruction of evidence so the 9/11 attack could not be properly investigated as a crime scene; and many other topics.

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David Meade – Planet X: FINAL WARNING!

On today’s show I was joined by David Meade to discuss, “Planet X: FINAL WARNING!”

We discussed: how contrary to mainstream media misinterpretation, that David has never stated that the world will end on September 23 2017; how one third of the Earth will suffer the catastrophic consequences of Planet X passing the Earth in the month of October 2017; how one of the first things that will indicate the approach of Planet X will be an increase in solar flares; the significance of Revelation 12:1 to 12:5; and many other topics.

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Brian Ruhe – Behind The Scenes Of A Truth Movement Show

On today’s show I was joined by Brian Ruhe to discuss, “Behind The Scenes Of A Truth Movement Show.”

Neither of us have done a show like this before and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The topics we discussed are so varied, it is better just to say we related our experiences in recording shows, such as: technical details; how recording the show is the easy part; the positive and negative experiences of a broadcaster; and many other topics.

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Gertjan Zwiggelaar – Almost Live With Andy And Gertjan #3

I can’t tell you much about this third instalment of our weekly news show, as it will not be recorded until the day it is broadcast, but I am looking forward to it, and I am sure you will enjoy tuning in.

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