The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (422) Julie Jansen van Rensberg – The Nicolaas van Rensburg Prophecies

On today’s show I was joined by Julie Jansen van Rensberg to discuss, “The Nicolaas van Rensburg Prophecies.”

We discussed: Julie’s background in South Africa; how Nicolaas van Rensburg is referred to affectionately as, “Seer,”; the visions of the, “Seer,” which started at an early age; how these visions include the destruction of England and World War 3 (he also prophecised World War 2 even though he died in 1926) ; and many other topics.

Special thanks to Monica Stone for putting Julie and I in touch, so we could record this show.

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Click Here For Adriaan Snyman’s Book, “Messenger Of God,” Which Julie Translated On His Behalf, That Details The Seer’s Prophecies

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