NEWSFLASH: The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show Archives Are Under Threat

As I have repeatedly warned listeners to my show, they need to download all of my shows that they want, before the usual suspects shut down their access to these, and would you believe it in the early hours of this morning I received the following email:


TalkShoe greatly values your membership and continued use of our service, and we wish to bring your attention to an important upcoming policy review.

These changes center on a new, stronger attention to policies on content ‘including text, visuals, and audio.’

As web leaders, Google and Facebook have recently taken a leadership position on offensive content, and we have made the decision to follow their lead to ensure our content producers are given an open forum to promote their ideas, and to encourage dialogue.

We will be following Google’s definition of offensive content, which you can review here:

As such, we will begin the process of permanently removing content or accounts that do not fit within our guidelines of acceptable dialogue.

What action is being taken
Commencing May 1st, 2017, content or accounts (this includes TalkShoe Call Series and archived content) that do not fit within our guidelines of acceptable dialogue will be flagged for removal. Users flagged for removal will be notified in advance, by email.

What this means for you as a Listener/User
If you do not host your own call series and are a passive member & listener of TalkShoe recorded content, then this review requires no action on your part and indeed should help ensure your use of TalkShoe is even more pleasant moving forward.

Please bear in mind that as a user and listener, any text comments that you make on a live call or any review posts you leave should follow the TalkShoe guidelines as set out in our TOS –

We would like to remind you that you can always contact TalkShoe support via our support email address: on any matter that concerns you about on-site content.


TalkShoe Support Team

Now they haven’t said that my talkshoe account will be banned, however Amazon recently banned my book, “The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated,Expanded, and Uncensored,” so it appears to me that the global shutdown on free-speech is continuing as I have long predicted.

What does this mean for you as a listener to my shows?

Basically whenever you listen to or download one of my shows, you are listening/downloading it from my talkshoe account, which is where I store it.  If my talkshoe account is deleted, the archives of my shows will no longer be available.

In the email Talkshoe states the shutdown process will not commence until Monday May 1st, so I am sending this post to give all my listeners a three day opportunity to download the shows whilst they still can:

Click Here For My 2017 Shows

Click Here For My 2016 Shows

Click Here For My Absent Friends Shows

Click Here For My Appearances As A Guest On Other Shows

My shows are not copyrighted so I encourage you all to have your own copies of these, spread them far and wide, and help me fight this global all-out-war on free speech.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

April 28, 2017

P.S. If I do lose my talkshoe account, my shows will still continue, I will just find somewhere else to store them, that you will be able to download them from. However, I will not have the time to upload the archives to a new repository as I have hundreds of shows, so please get them in the next three days whilst you still can.