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Dr. James P. Wickstrom – My Time In Prison – Part 1

Dr. James P. Wickstrom

On today’s special download only Sunday edition, I was joined by Dr. James P. Wickstrom to discuss his first time in prison back in 1984.

At the start of our show I read out a list of, “Prisoners Of Conscience,” in UK prisons, that we must keep in our thoughts, not just at this time of year, but always. I provide a link to these prisoners below, and also a link to the Federal Bureau Of Prisons, “Inmate Locator.”

I hope some of you will find it in your heart to send messages of encouragement to our prisoners wherever they are in the world, in accordance with the criteria specified in Jez Turner’s Daily Stormer Article.

Click Here For Jez Turner’s Daily Stormer Article Providing Addresses Of The UK Prisoners Of Conscience, And The Criteria Of How Best To Contact Any Prisoner Of Conscience Worldwide

Click Here For The Federal Bureau Of Prisons Inmate Locator

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Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst – Back To Minidoka

On today’s show I was joined by Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst to discuss his article, “Back To Minidoka,” in the current November/December 2016 edition of The Barnes Review.

This article focuses on the concentration camps set up in America, for largely American born citizens of Japanese descent, who were rounded up and placed there after America went to war with Japan during World War 2.

We also discussed how the property of these American born citizens of Japanese descent, was sold off at pennies on the dollar, the source of which I quoted from my book, “The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored.”

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Patrick Chouinard – The Escalating War Against The White Race

On today’s show I was joined by Patrick Chouinard to discuss his article, “Hindus And Kelts – What’s The Connection,” in the current November/December 2016 edition of The Barnes Review.

The title of the article is self-explanatory, and we spent the first part of the show discussing this. We then diverged into the subject of, “The Escalating War Against The White Race,” focusing on, “The International Definition Of Anti-Semitism,” that the jews are now pushing to prevent criticism of their actions.

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Pastor Steve – Word For Word

On today’s show I was joined by Pastor Steve, a colleague of mine from, “Euro Folk Radio.” Pastor Steve’s show airs immediately before mine from Monday to Friday at 9AM Eastern.

We discussed Pastor Steve’s Scriptural research that came from his fluency in Hebrew, which he has applied to the original Scriptural texts. He has been reading the Scriptures through chronologically from their Hebrew source documents, on his, “Word For Word Show.”

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Paul Angel – The Barnes Review November/December 2016

On today’s show I was joined by Paul Angel, the Executive Editor of, “The Barnes Review,” to discuss all the articles in the November/December 2016 edition of the publication, that I was unable to interview the respective contributors on.

These articles are as follows:-

1) Bill White’s, “Otto Frank Foundation Makes Shocking Admission; and Move Over Old Hickory – Here Comes ‘The Tub!'”
2) Dr. Fredrick Töben’s, “Farewell Ernst Nolte – 1923-2016.”
3) Marc Roland’s, “Europe’s Day of the Dead – A November 3 1944 Newsreel.”
4) Philip Rife’s, “Viking Explorers In Ancient America.”
5) Ron Ray’s, “The Death Hike – Bad Luck Or Incompetence?”

Paul offered the listeners a free PDF article and a special subscription offer if you email him directly at

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Mark Anderson – This Week’s American Free Press

On today’s show I will be joined by Mark Anderson of AFP to run through selected articles in the new edition of the American Free Press.

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