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John Tiffany – Mithradates The Great

John Tiffany

Continuing with TBR Radio, John Tiffany returns to discuss his article on, “Mithradates The Great,” who was a major thorn in the side of the Roman Empire

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Dr. Lorraine Day – Dr. Day’s School Of Truth – Lesson 5

Dr. Lorraine Day

Today Dr. Day returns to continue her series, “Dr Day’s School Of Truth.” The subject she presents today is, “The Jews Are The Terrorists,” which leads into a discussion about Dr. Day’s scriptural beliefs and how that relates to Andrew’s, “Identity,” beliefs.

Please check out Dr. Day’s two excellent websites below.

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Pastor Bob Jones – In The Name Of Yahweh – Part 5

Pastor Bob

On today’s show Pastor Bob returns to continue our Identity series on my book, “In The Name Of Yahweh,” discussing the scripture I referred to in the book.


Mike Walsh-McLaughlin – The Rise Of The Sunwheel

Mike Walsh

On today’s show Andy interviewed legendary British Nationalist Mike Walsh-McLaughlin on his biographical book, “The Rise Of The Sunwheel.”

Andy introduced the show by reading the summary from the back of the book. He then got into the first section he had marked up for discussion regarding how ships seized from the Germans at the end of World War II were actually used to bring immigration from the Caribbean into Britain.

Mike said that this indeed was true, and how he was initially amazed during his time as a merchant seaman, to meet many British ex-servicemen who became prisoners of war in Germany, none of which had anything bad to say about their German counterparts. To a man they all told Mike that they were treated well by the Germans and indeed spoke very highly of them.

In the book Mike gives a lengthy account on the activities of self-styled Nationalist Leader, Colin Jordan, who Andy said he did not trust and felt was put in place to destabilise the Nationalist movement.

Andy read out a passage from Mike’s book on Jordan’s background at Cambridge University, and how from there he made ever effort to join as many Nationalist organisations as he could. Jordan whilst also claiming to be an adherent of Adolf Hitler, was extremely hostile to the Christian faith and was contemptuous of those who believed in Jesus Christ.

Mike said that there was so much evidence of Jordan’s position in Nationalism being that of a destabilising force, that no court would fail to convict him of such. Indeed Mike recalls a fellow Nationalist, John Tyndall, once telling him that he had a story about Colin Jordan, that would have literally proved all of Mike’s suspicions about this man, but sadly John died suddenly before he had the opportunity to relate this to Mike.

Andy then spoke about the part of the book where Nationalist leader, Oswald Mosley, had set up an arrangement with West Indian immigrants, whereby they would return to the West Indies in exchange for a financial inducement, which they could then use to buy a home and set up a business there. This would have reversed the flow of Caribbean immigration.

Before this plan could take fruit Colin Jordan became an inflammatory provocateur during the Notting Hill Race Riots of 1958, leading to a West Indian immigrant’s death, and driving a wedge between Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement and the West Indian community.

Mike said as a result of Colin Jordan’s actions, Oswald Mosley referred to Jordan as, “a midget trying to walk in the boots of giants.”

Mike also went into details of a couple of instances in which Colin Jordan tried to get him into trouble, one of which resulted in a hefty fine which Mike was forced to pay alone, with no help from Jordan.

Andy mentioned the rapport Mike developed with fellow Race-Patriots over the years including: James K. Warner; Dr. Ed Fields; Gerhard Lauck; Ernst Zundel; J. B. Stoner; Willis Carto; and David Duke. Andy asked of his recollections of David Duke and what Mike’s thoughts are of his forthcoming campaign to run for the U.S. Senate.

Mike said David Duke was one of the nicest guys he had met in the Nationalist movement, and he was very pleased David was running for the Senate.

Andy then asked Mike to give names of the unsung heroes of our movement, as these people are so often forgotten.

Mike went through a roll-call of Nationalist supporters he had met over the years, some of which had passed and some of which are still with us, with which he then closed out the show.

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Dave Gahary – This Week’s American Free Press

American Free Press

Dave Gahary makes his regular bi-weekly appearance on the show and we run through selected articles in the new edition of the American Free Press.

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The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (135) Clint Lacy – America’s Stolen Elections

Clint Lacy

Today TBR Radio returns, brought to you by, “The Barnes Review,” with Clint Lacy who will be joining me to discuss an article he co-wrote with the late Victor Thorn, on the history behind America’s stolen elections.

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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Victor Thorn’s Brother Speaks

Victor Thorn Update

Dave Gahary spoke with William J. “Bill” Makufka about his brother Scott’s (Victor’s) suicide, that has shaken the truth community in a way few could have predicted.

Due to the many questions and much speculation about Victor’s death, Bill reached out to AMERICAN FREE PRESS, and opened up about his relationship with his brother during their childhood and afterward and some of the details of the suicide, in this revealing interview (30:29).

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The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (134) Dave Gahary And Phil Tourney – Attack On The U.S.S. Liberty

Erasing The Liberty

On today’s show Andy was joined by Dave Gahary from the American Free Press, and Phil Tourney of the Republic Broadcasting network who is a survivor of Israel’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.

The facts behind this are that on June 8th, 1967 the U.S. was attacked on open waters in the Mediterranean. The event should have gone down in history as an act of war committed by none other than their nanny-state, Israel. 34 killed, 174 injured, leaving the lives of 34 crewmen’s families forever changed and the lives of the surviving injured forever scorned. But why is Israel not held responsible for this? Well. to put it lightly, they should have been held accountable…

Andy started the show by reading his account of the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty from his book, “The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored,” and then brought Phil in to flesh out his summary.

Phil said that the U.S.S. Liberty was a clearly marked United States Navy vessel that was attacked by the Israelis, an attack which left 850 rocket holes in the ship, and included the dropping of napalm on the ship.

When another United States Navy vessel went to their aid, this was twice turned back under the direct orders of then President Lyndon Baines Johnson and his Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Phil tells us that the U.S.S. Liberty was literally set up by their own government, so the attack could be blamed on Arab countries with the aim of using this as an excuse for America to attack those countries on behalf of Israel, a similar state of affairs we see happening in that region today.

It was 18 hours before help arrived for the survivors of this cowardly attack by Israel. The survivors were then ordered by Admiral Kidd not to ever reveal what had happened to them, or they would go to prison – or worse!

Andy then brought Dave into the show and Dave advised he has worked with Phil on a rewrite of his book, “What I Saw That Day,” which is currently being printed under the title, “Erasing The Liberty,” this title was chosen as the Jewish elites have been working feverishly behind the scenes to remove this event from history.

Andy then made the comment, that whilst the Jews are trying to cover up their attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, they continue unashamedly promoting fake history of their own, most notably the so-called, “holocaust.”

Andy also said that during the time of the U.S.S. Liberty attack, Israel stole Gaza and the West Bank, which it occupies illegally today and still continues to commit atrocities on its inhabitants.

Phil asked this of the audience, “Israel has received more money from the United States than before the attack – explain to me that?”

Dave and Phil have been working hard to ensure the jews don’t erase their attack on the U.S.S. Liberty from history and to that end they are working on a feature film. They encourage you, the listener, to support this here:

Incidentally the U.S.S. Liberty was scrapped after the incident, a 40 million dollar vessel. Israel paid compensation for this attack, a mere 6 million dollars. Phil also received compensation for this attack, 250 dollars.

Andy encourages the listeners to spread this interview far and wide, to support Phil and Dave’s U.S.S. Liberty Movie project, so that we can honour the memories of those who suffered and died on that day, and prevent the Jews from erasing what they did to the Liberty from our history.

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FOUND! My First Appearance On The Rick Adams Show – June 4 2016

Rick Adams

Today I located a copy of my first appearance on the, “Rick Adams Uncensored,” broadcast live on the, “Republic Broadcasting Network,” a couple of months ago.

This was a good show in which I went into my background and my books, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my time on Rick’s show.

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The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (132) Dave Gahary And Pete Papaherakles – Victor Thorn Rest In Peace


Today I recorded an extra show as a tribute to Victor Thorn who passed away yesterday, Monday August 1st 2016.

I was joined by two of Victor’s colleagues, Dave Gahary and Pete Papaherakles, from the American Free Press.

Dave and Pete addressed the speculation surrounding his suicide, and paid their tributes to Victor, a man they both knew very well.

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The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (131) Dr. Lorraine Day – Dr. Day’s School Of Truth – Lesson 4

Dr. Lorraine Day

Today Dr. Day returns to continue her excellent, “School Of Truth,” series which she has produced for the program. On today’s show she presents her findings on: 9/11; Sandy Hook; the Boston Bombing; and the Orlando Massacre.

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Please check out Dr. Day’s two excellent websites below.

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Victor Thorn – Rest In Peace


It is with tremendous regret that I inform you the committed Truthseeker and venerable patriot Victor Thorn, a prolific writer of over 50 books, died today on his 54th birthday.

It is my understanding that Victor took his own life.

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Telling the truth has never been an easy prospect, I myself have been scorned by friends and even family members.

I imagine many of you reading this now have suffered a similar response to your beliefs.

I encourage all of you who may be feeling depressed to reach out to other Truthseekers. Our path can be a lonely one, and we must not be embarrassed to reach out to our friends all around the world who are fighting the same fight. These people may be people you only communicate with via chatrooms and you may have never met them, but if they are true to their beliefs they will help you nonetheless.  Also I ask you all to be mindful of one another, and go out of your way to help a Truthseeking Brother or Sister who you feel to be in need.

I recorded two shows with Victor, and I have put them up for posterity below. As you will hear, he was a kind and gracious man, and despite my mumbling and stuttering due to my nervousness in our first show, he gave me encouragement throughout, because that is the kind of man Victor was.

Victor Thorn – One of the heroes of our race who have gone before.

(31) March 14 2016 Victor Thorn – Victor’s Bio

(102) June 22 2016 Victor Thorn – Insight Into Trump And The Clintons

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (130) John Kaminski – Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay’s The Nameless War

John Kaminski

Today John Kaminski returns for a discussion of Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay’s seminal book, “The Nameless War.” I strongly suggest all my listeners read this, and at only 90 pages it is easy to read online.  I also narrated this book in its entirety for my series, “Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s Absent Friends,” for which I have also provided a link below.

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Click Here To Read John’s Excellent Article On This Book Entitled, “Path Of The Parasites.”

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