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Pastor Eli James – The Secret Relationship Between Muslims And Jews – Part 2

Pastor Eli James

Today Pastor Eli James returns to the show for the final part of a two part series in which he presents his research into, “The Secret Relationship Between Muslims And Jews.”

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Dr. Lorraine Day – Dr. Day’s School Of Truth – Lesson 8

Dr. Lorraine Day

Today Dr. Day returns to continue her series, “Dr Day’s School Of Truth.” Topics covered today are: Satanic symbolism in Hollywood movies; Jewish Illuminati Satanism practiced by the elite including a study of the goings on at Bohemian Grove; Pedophilia involving the Government’s Child “Protective” agencies; how Jews are responsible for Black Slavery in America; and Project Blue Beam.

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Pastor Bob Jones – In The Name Of Yahweh – Part 8

Pastor Bob

On today’s show Pastor Bob returns to continue our Identity series on my book, “In The Name Of Yahweh,” discussing the scripture I referred to in the book.


Kevin Wallace – The Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland

Celtic Peoples Party Of IrelandOn today’s show I was joined by Kevin Wallace the Deputy Leader of, “The Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland.” The agenda I prepared for discussion was: Kevin’s background and how he came into Nationalism; the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland, how this was established, its mission statement, and how people can find out about and support this; who is welcome to join the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland, and how does it address the Loyalist/Republican issue that has historically divided the Irish people.
Kevin also kindly added to the agenda and presented: the banking crisis, how it happened in Ireland, mechanics of debt based money, credit cycles, deflationary spirals and subsequent asset purchases by banks; the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland’s policy on debt based money; Irish identity and its ongoing destruction in favour of “multiculturalism” the contradiction of this and its parallels in Europe; the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland’s policy regarding immigration; the emergence of liberal culture in Ireland and its antecedent (i.e. the fall of the Catholic Church); some Jewish superstars of Irish liberalism and their hypocrisy; Fiona O’ Loughlin’s proposed bill for hate crime legislation and the two tier justice system it would create including parallels with Rotherham and how “hate speech” and “hate crime” created a culture of silence; and the Celtic People’s Party Of Ireland’s policy on homelessness and societal problems (crime, community support, state services) and how it ties in with Nationalism.

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Richard Kelly Hoskins – Our Nordic Race And War Cycles Peace Cycles- Part 2

Richard Kelly Hoskins

On today’s show Richard Kelly Hoskins returned to flesh out further details of last week’s show on his first two books, Our Nordic Race, and War Cycles Peace Cycles, that were not covered in our previous show.

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