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Pastor Bob Jones – The Hidden Tyranny – Part 6

Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob has become my most regular guest and today he makes his ninth appearance on the show. His depth of knowledge of both scripture and finance combined with his engaging presentational style has proved very popular with my listeners. On today’s show we carry on discussing, “The Hidden Tyranny,” also known as, “The Rosenthal Document.”

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Pastor Jeromy Visser – Covenant People’s Ministry

Pastor Visser

Pastor Jeromy Visser runs the popular, “Covenant People’s Ministry,” dedicated to spreading Identity truth. On this show we discuss his books and his website forum which he encourages Identity adherents to join, where they can converse with Identity believers all around the world.

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Simon Sheppard – Simon’s Bio

Simon Sheppard

Simon Sheppard is a writer and runs the The Heretical Press website where you can read some of his work and purchase his books. In this show we discuss his work and his experiences, which include the time he served in jail both in the USA and the UK as a result of simply expressing his views.

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Pastor Alan Campbell – Pastor Campbell’s Bio

Pastor Alan Campbell

Pastor Alan Campbell is based in Northern Ireland where he has a lifetime of experience in teaching scriptural truth. On this show we run through Pastor Campbell’s background and beliefs.


Dave Gahary – This Week’s American Free Press

Dave Gahary makes his regular bi-weekly appearance on the show and we run through selected articles in the new edition of the American Free Press.

American Free Press

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