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Welcome to Andrew Carrington
I am Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (obviously), and several years ago I felt what I was being told by the mainstream media simply did not make sense, so I started researching events for myself, and was surprised at what a poor job the mainstream media do in presenting simply unbelievable accounts of major events to the general public.
This research started off as a document for myself, so I could keep a record of my research, it was published on the internet so I could share what I have found with other, "truthseekers," worldwide, and subsequently published by myself in a 500 book print run called, "The Synagogue Of Satan."
This book was picked up by several independent publishers and translated into many languages.  I was very serious about my research and knew I would have leave my four years spent as a police officer if I chose to publish my work - indeed here in the UK it is forbidden for a police officer to even express their political bias, so I guess presenting evidence that the upper echelons of the police service are complicit in protecting a criminal network called, "government," was not exactly going to progress my career anytime soon!
Truth is more important to me than money, so I therefore took a lower paid job in financial services which I did for four years, whilst I was researching ancient history, but did not have time to put it together.  However in 2010 I had an amazing stroke of luck, I was made redundant, and I used the money to move into a 200 year old small flat by the sea which was very cheap to rent (probably because water got into it and the ceiling in the lounge subsequently collapsed!), where I could work full time on my ancient research that provided the answers to the questions posed by, "The Synagogue Of Satan," and became, "In The Name Of Yahweh."
I had still maintained my modern research, and as I finished, "In The Name Of Yahweh," earlier than I had anticipated, I was able to have a second bite of the cherry at, "The Synagogue Of Satan," which became, "The Synagogue Of Satan - Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored," and allowed me to more than double the size of the original text which both incorporated the original book unedited, and expanded it throughout to include the banking crisis since its original publication along with significant events up to the end of 2011, (the original version ended mid 2006).
I then returned to London and retired from writing, having covered all the subjects I wished too, and went back to work a full time office job, where I still am now.
I do not consider myself a, "writer," an, "author," or a, "journalist."  I am just a regular guy who chose to spend his spare time researching historical events, for the simple reason that what was presented by the mainstream media as, "the facts," was simply not believable.  Whilst I offer a couple of books for sale, I am not in the bookselling business.  This is why my first book is presented on this website for you to read for free, my other two, presented on the right and left of this page are for sale, because they need to be read in their entirety, and in my experience people do not do this with a book on a website.
Writing was a very lonely experience for me, probably not helped by the depressing subject matter I chose to tackle, which is why I do not intend to write anymore.
In the years following making, "The Synagogue Of Satan," available I had many emails asking me to update it, but was caught in a quandary.  Don't you hate it when a band or musician that you like releases a, "Greatest Hits," album, with 2 unreleased songs on it?  I do!  I think, they wouldn't have a Greatest Hits album if I hadn't bought the previous four or five, and it makes me feel cheated by someone or something I once had respect for.
That is why I updated, "The Synagogue Of Satan," purely for my own research, but when I had inserted all the additional information I had discovered, I was left with a book that was over twice the size of the original which is why I chose to put it out there.
Another development is whilst I hate this social media system which in my opinion is just another method for the powers the be to keep an eye on all of us, I have set up a facebook and twitter page to spread the word in these perilous times.  Having books out there the powers that be probably know more about me than I do, but if you choose to work in the shadows, I urge you not to sign up as I consider facebook and twitter to be just another intelligence gathering front.
I am also prepared to give interviews again, so if you wish to interview me please email me directly at .
In conclusion, I hope this short bio tells you a little more about me than you already knew, I honestly felt publishing, "The Synagogue Of Satan," would change the world -  it didn't, everything continues to get worse!  I am not despondent though, I believe my writing will serve as a catalyst for others who are better documenters of information, better public speakers, better at using technology to get their information out there, and most importantly have the fortitude and confidence I had seven years ago.
If you visited my site because you are a fellow truthseeker, I wish you every success in any valiant efforts designed to overthrow the beast system that only wishes to enslave us all.
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, 2013
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